Surrey Mobile Massage

Mission Statement

Surrey Mobile Massage by Sandor Balazs strives to:


  • Help you have a better quality of life by decreasing pain and stress.
  • Meet the care and needs of every client with varying degrees of chronic and acute pain.
  • Increase the physical and mental performance.
  • Treat every individual according to their specific needs.
  • Provide a high quality massage that will benefit to all clients, and provide both short and long-term relief from chronic discomfort and stress.
  • Have a consistent, quality massage which more than meets the client’s expectations.
  • Meet those needs by integrating many modalities such as; Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Sport Massage.
  • Work together with clients to promote their education and participation in this powerful self-healing process.
  • Continually improve the excellence of used techniques and always looking for better ways to resolve matters.

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